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Give 15 to turn months, into years


Donate, organise an event or take on a challenge


Pledge the funds you save from giving up 15 things to help us turn 15 months into 15 years!


Give up:

  • 15 cups of coffee = $60 
  • 15 glasses of wine = $150
  • 15 cafĂ© purchased lunches = $225 
  • 15 pairs of shoes = $2,250

Or donate $15 a month for 15 months = $225


Join the cause, use your imagination, and challenge yourself while making a difference.


Approximately 1600 Australians are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year. Of these 1600 people, approximately 1000 are diagnosed with glioblastoma. The current median survival period from diagnosis of this highly malignant brain tumour is only 15 months. Mortality rates of this lethal brain tumour have barely changed in 50 years.


The NRF, in partnership with the University of South Australia, wants to help turn these months into years by raising much needed funds for research into this devastating disease.


Funds raised will enable UniSA to establish the NRF Chair of Brain Tumour Research. To date, UniSA researchers in the Centre for Cancer Biology have identified a defect in the glioblastoma cells (hyper-activation of the SK2 protein) that appears to cause the cancerous tumour to grow rapidly and become resistant to chemotherapy. This defect is an ideal target for new therapies. The new Chair will lead a research team to develop these new therapies for glioblastoma, thus improving a patient’s life expectancy and quality of life.



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